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Establishment of Geomatic Centre for Climate Change and Sustainable Development


Geomatic Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Development is one of venture which encourages application of Satellite Remote Sensing (SRS), Geographical Information System (GIS) and Geographical Positioning System (GPS) technologies in environmental monitoring and decision-making.


Project Scope


  • Application of SRS, GIS and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies in environmental monitoring and decision-making
  • Satellite data collection, processing and ground truthing
  • Inventory and monitoring of natural resources such as glaciers and snow fields, water, forests, biodiversity, deserts, agricultural practices and rangeland, etc.
  • Mapping of hazards prone areas including cyclone, dust storm, floods, droughts, landslides prone areas and their monitoring


Project Objectives


  • Promote application of GIS, SRS and GPS technologies in assessing existing situation of forest, desertification, soil, climate, environmental pollution, marine life, coastal areas, snow and glacier, disasters, hazards, biodiversity, water resources, ecological zones
  • Facilitate better environmental planning in the country, particularly for rational and scientific decision-making through assessment of environmental impact of different human activities, making them compatible with the objectives of sustainable development
  • Enhance and upgrade institutional capacity Pak-EPA, Ministry of Climate Change in the use of SRS, GIS and GPS for environmental monitoring and management
  • Facilitate Federal and provincial governments in disaster risk reduction through vulnerability mapping, information clearing house mechanism and training to use latest available technologies for risk  assessment from various forms of hazards.


Pakistan Glaciers Monitoring Images Using GIS and Remote Sensing




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