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 Technical Co-operation:

  1. Brief on Technical Cooperation for Establishment of Environmental Monitoring System (PDF-79KB)
  2. Brief on Technical Cooperation for Capacity Building of Solid Waste Management (PDF-74KB)
  3. Brief on Malé Declaration on Control and Prevention of Air Pollution and Its Likely Transboundary Effects for South Asia (PDF 81KB)

  Position Papers:

  1. Ambient Air Quality in Pakistan by Dr. Zulfikar H. Lodhi (PDF- 60KB)
  2.  Noise Pollution in Pakistan (PDF-300KB)
  3.  Noise Pollution by Pressure Horns in Pakistan (PDF-300KB)
  4.  Vehicular Emission Standards (Working Paper)

  Briefs on Environmental Issues:

  1. Solid Waste Management in Pakistan (PDF-116KB)
  2. Ambient Air Quality in Pakistan (PDF-148KB)
  3. Particulate Matter Monitoring in Gujranwala City (PDF-226KB)
  4. Air Pollution (PDF-109KB)
  5. Ban on Use of Plastic Shopping Bags (PDF-108KB)
  6. Development of Landfill Sites (PDF-93KB)
  7. Environmental Concerns Pakistan Scenario (PDF-130KB)
  8. Environmental Impact Assessment (PDF-73KB)
  9. Industrial Efficiency and Environmental Management Sector Development Programme (PDF-59KB)
  10. Kasur Tannery Pollution Control Project (PDF-69KB)
  11. Environment Policy and Legal Framework (PDF-99KB)
  12. Self Monitoring & Reporting Tool (PDF-69KB)
  13. Water Pollution (PDF-124KB)
  14. Development in Environment Sector (PDF-117KB)
  15. Establishment of Motor Vehicle Emissions Inspection System (PDF-97KB)
  16. Pakistan Clean Air Programme (PDF-108KB)
  17. Formulation of Drinking Water Policy (PDF-99KB)
  18. Brief on Environmental Problems of the Marine and Coastal Areas (PDF-106KB)
  19. Brief on Ethanol Fuel (PDF-78KB)
  20. Brief on Environmental Issues of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) (PDF-80KB)


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