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“Save the land, Save the Kashmir”, slogan raised by Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) in “Kashmir Solidarity Day Campaign” at 12.00 pm on the signal at Pitras Bukhari Road near Pakistan Meteorological Departmentto show solidarity with the people of Kashmir. The event was arranged jointly by Pak-EPA, National Highway and Motorway Police and Pakistan Meteorological Department as a part of national campaign of the Government of Pakistan.

“Pakistanis are prepared and shall go to any extent to fulfill their obligations with regard to Kashmir”, stated Director General, Pak-EPA while addressing the participants of the event. She also stated that all Pakistanis shall stand with their Kashmiris brothers to protect them. She also thanked the participants from other organizations for being part of the campaign.

In conclusion, she assured that all Pakistani brothers, sisters and mothers are standing with Kashmiris and will support them in future as well.



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