National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) / Labs Directorate

Lab/NEQS Directorate


The Laboratory and NEQS Directorate comprises of :

  1. Lab/NEQS section
  2. Research & Investigation (R & I) section


1. Lab/NEQS section:

  1.     Lab/NEQS section develop and implementation on National Environmental Quality Standard (NEQS).
  2.     Analyze industrial and municipal effluent samples, report results and maintain records.
  3.     Set procedures for sampling, transportation, storage and testing of samples.
  4.     Monitoring of industrial sites/ware houses making site inspection report (SIR) reports.
  5.     Determination of Water Quality status of Rawal Dam, Simli Dam and all Filtration plant located in Islamabad.
  6.     Issue an Environmental Laboratories Certificate to different laborites located in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) under Environmental Laboratories Regulation, 2000.
  7.     lnspection/Monitoring of complaints regarding the environmental issues.
  8.     Facilitate and assist technically to the research students of different universities as a supervisor in research.


2. Research & Investigation (R&I) Section

  1.       R&l Section deal with the Environment Complaints and send it to the competent authority ~i e (CDA I- CT and also provincial EPA) for remedial measures.
  2.       R&l section deal all National Assembly Question related to Environmental issues to the best satisfaction of the parliamentarians.
  3.       Carry out research in different environmental field and provide technical support to enforcement / monitoring sections.

3. Registration of environment laboratory with Pak-EPA

4. Public Notice for Compliance with Hospital Waste Management Rules 2005



5. Waste Management Proforma for Hospitals