1. National Environmental Quality Standards (Self-Monitoring and Reporting by Industries) Rules, 2001
  2. Self-Monitoring and Reporting by Industries Rules, 2001-Amended
  3. Handling, Manufacture, Storage, Import  of hazardous waste and hazardous substances Rules, 2016(Draft)
  4. Compounding of Offences and Payment of Administrative Penalty Rules October 2015
  5. NEQS for Ambient Air, Drinking Water and Noise vide No.( S. R.O. 1062(I)/2010 &  S.R.O. 1063(I)/2010 & S.R.O. 1064(I)/2010)
  6. NEQS for Motor Vehicle Exhaust and Noise Vide No.(S.R.O 72(KE)/2009)
  7. Hospital Waste Management Rules, 2005
  8. Pakistan Biosafety Rules 2005
  9. Provincial Sustainable Development Fund (Utilization) Rules, 2003
  10. Hazardous Substances Rules, 2003 (Draft)
  11. The Pollution Charge for Industry (Calculation and Collection) Rules, 2001 
  12. Self-Monitoring and Reporting by Industries Rules, 2001-Amended 
  13. Provincial Sustainable Development Fund Board (Procedure) Rules, 2001
  14. Environmental Samples Rules, 2001 
  15. Revisied NEQS For Municipal and Liquid Effluents (mg/l, Unless Otherwise Defined)& NEQS for Gaseous Emissions(mg/Nm3 Unless Otherwise Defined) Vide No.S.R.O. 549 (I)/2000
  16. Environmental Tribunal Rules(Procedure and Functions),1999
  17. National Environmental Quality Standards Relating to Municipal and Liquid Industrial Effluents vide S.R.O. 742 (I)/93 & S.R.O. 1023 (I)/95



  1. Draft Pakistan Environmental Protection Motor Vehicle Regulations 2016 under section 33 of Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997
  2. Regulation on Prohibiting  Of Non-Degradable Plastic Bags & Products(Manufacture, Import, Sale and Usage) Regulation 2013 
  3. National Environmental Quality Standards (Environmental Laboratories Certification) Regulations, 2000
  4. Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Review of IEE/EIA) Regulations, 2000


National Environment Quality Standards