National Biosafety Center (NBC)

Pakistan is party to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (CPB) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) since May 31, 2009. The Establishment of implementation Mechanism the country was mandatory to regulate Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and their products related activities. National Biosafety Centre was established in Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA), Ministry of Environment (defunct) in April, 2006 to meet the obligations of CPB. Pakistan Biosafety Rules, 2005 had been devised under Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997 (PEPA, 1997) and notified by Pak-EPA (Ministry of Environment) to regulate GMOs and their products. National Biosafety Guidelines, 2005 were developed and notified to explain the procedures and protocols to the applicants. National Biosafety Centre (NBC) provides the secretariat support to the Biosafety committees; National Biosafety Committee (NBC; headed by Secretary, Ministry of Climate Change and Environmental Coordination, Technical Advisory Committee (TAC); headed by Director General, Pak-EPA and Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBCs). The NBC and TAC had been notified in the Officials Gazette and IBCs formulated at each of the Public sector/academic/research institutes, national and multinational firms and companies had notified to the NBC which issues acceptance to these IBCs and allow to function as per Pakistan Biosafety Rules, 2005.   The centre has processed more than 400 cases of GMOs and their products related to Laboratory Genetic Manipulation Work, Field Trials for Research and Development (R&D), Import and Export, Commercialization (Sale and Purchase). The Centre has been regulating the R&D and commercialization of Genetically Modified (GM) Cotton, Corn and other crops (Sugarcane, Chili, Tobacco, and Wheat etc.).


Important Documents

1.   Pakistan Biosafety Rules 2005 (Amended 2024)

2.   National Biosafety Guidelines, 2005

3.   Handout/Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for obtaining biosafety license for the import of GMOs for Food, Feed, Processing (FFP) purposes

4.   SOP For Cotton Seed Variety Having Single Known Event & Known Gene (MON 531 & Cry1Ac)

5.   Per formas/Applications for submission of Biosafety Cases

6.  Composition and Functions of Committees (NBC, TAC, IBC) 

7.  List of Notified Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) 

8.   Bio-safety Brochure

9.  Application Format for Import of Genetically Modified Organisms and Products Thereof for Food, Feed and Processing  (FFP)

10.   Regular National Report on the Implementation of Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

i.   1st Regular National Report

ii.   2nd Regular National Report

iii.   3rd Regular National Report

iv.   4th Regular National Report

v.   5th Regular National Report