Directorate of Admin / Legal / Enforcement

Admn / Legal / Enforcement (A/L/E) Directorate of Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency plays very significant role in enforcement and implementation of environmental laws and National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) besides promulgation of effective environmental legislation.

The L/E wing headed by Director is responsible to carry out following functions assignments:-

  • Identify and overcome constraints affecting enforcement of environmental laws as well as National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS).
  • Determine need for new legislation, propose amendments in the existing laws, if required. In consultation with stakeholders, draft rules and regulations under Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997.
  • Provide legal opinion on any environmental issue which is under considerations in Pak-EPA.
  • Upon confirmation of any violation by Environmental Monitoring Team, the legal section is required to submit proposal of cognizance under section 16 of Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997.
  • Serve Summon Notices or Environmental Protection Order (EPO) to the offender as and when required.
  • Prepare cases for Environmental Protection Tribunal (EPT), appeals in the High Courts, as and when required.
  • Attend subordinate and superior courts, (EPT) and submit the stance of government in the courts to defend the Federal Government.
  • Coordinate with Environmental Magistrate in discharging their duties.
  • Obtain search warrants for inspection of pollution sources.
  • Undertake inquires or investigation in the environmental matters.
  • Offer departmental views/comments on any proposed legislation of the other Govt. or Non -Governmental institutions.