CLEAN Laboratory

Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency has established Central Laboratory for Environmental Analysis & Networking (CLEAN) in its premises at Islamabad. The Laboratory comprises of three sections i.e.:

a).  Analytical

b). Field Measurement

c). Sampling

CLEAN is equipped with state of art computerized analytical equipment. The Laboratory has facilities for analyzing pollutants in air, water and soil beside toxicity levels in food stuffs and other products.

CLEAN has its regular environmental investigation programmes for air, water and soil pollution. Pak-EPA has conducted a latest study with the assistant of JICA experts on air pollution with emphasis on suspended particulate matters in three major cities of the country. CLEAN is also conducting regular monitoring of air in Islamabad. Study on development of inventory of chemical used in industries has been carried out.

CLEAN has the capabilities of carrying out field activities using portable equipments viz. High Volume Samplers, DO, PH and Turbidity Meter along with other relevant equipments for compliance of National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS).


CLEAN Works in the Following Areas

  • Analysis of municipal, industrial effluent and other environmental related samples
  • Research/Investigation to identify different pollutant affecting public health
  • Establish national procedures and methodologies for testing NEQS parameters
  • Training to Provincial Environmental Protection Agencies, industrial sector and non-government organizations (NGOs)
  • Propose amendments in the NEQS, if and where required based on the technical investigation
  • Provide research facilities to different universities and institutions


Water Quality Monitoring of Lakes & Reservoirs Around Islamabad

As per concerns shown over water contamination in Rawal Lake & Simli Dam due to human activities in the catchment areas of these reservoirs, JICA's Senior Volunteer, stationed at Pak-EPA planned water quality monitoring of Rawal Lake, Simli Dam and Khan Pur Dam Water Reservoir.


Water Quality Parameters to be Covered

Physio-Chemical Analysis:

Physio-Chemical Parameters



DO, pH, Temperature,Turbidity,Conductivity BOD, T-N, T-P, Mg2+, Na1+, K1+, (NO21+, SO42- Cl1-)Cd, Pb, Zn, Cu, Fe, COD, Cr, NO21-, SO42-, Cl1-, (T-N, T-P) (Mg2+, Na1+, K1+)


Support of organizations namely Capital Development Authority, Islamabad, Water & Sanitation Agency, Rawalpindi, has been solicited in swift execution of the monitoring.