Registration of Environmental Laboratory with Pak-EPA

1. Guidelines for the Registration of the laboratory

Criteria for certification.- (1) subject to clause (2), a laboratory shall not be certified as an environmental laboratory unless it fulfills the following criteria:-

a)    the laboratory is located in a clean area and not adjacent to an open sewerage drain of factory from which emissions of air pollutants or discharge of effluents or wastes may interfere with, contaminate or otherwise adversely affect the reliability of its tests and analyses;
b)    The building in which the laboratory is housed is suitable in size, design and quality of construction, for use as an environmental laboratory;
c)    The laboratory has qualified and experience scientific and technical staff and appropriate analytical equipment and apparatus as specified in Schedule IV;
d)    The laboratory has deposited with the Federal Agency the scrutiny fee and certification fee at the rates specified in Schedule II;
e)    the laboratory has installed a comprehensive scientific system of reporting test results, supported by data handling facilities; and
f)     the laboratory has proper waste disposal arrangements.

(2) A laboratory may be certified as an environmental laboratory for testing of water, liquid effluents, wastes, soil, gaseous emissions or noise or a combination for these for specific National Environmental Quality Standards parameters, in which case the requirements of analytical equipment and apparatus specified in Schedule IV, scientific and technical staff specified in Schedule III will be adjusted accordingly.

2. Check list of Important Information/Documents for Registration of Env. Laboratory  with Pak EPA

i.       Registration of the firm Name address
ii.      Profile of the lab
iii.     Lab/ office ownership or rental deeds
iv.      NTN, Sales Tax
v.       Lay out plan
vi.      List of equipment
vii.     List of proposal staff
viii.    Area of expertise of the Lab.

3. Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency Certified Environmental Laboratories (2021-22)

i.     M/S Environmental Services Pakistan  "ESPAK"

           Office No. 314, 3rd Floor, Gulberg Empire, Gulberg Green, Islamabad (051 – 5915060)


           Office No. 4, First Floor, Bhalwal Plaza, I-10 Markaz, Islamabad