Directorate of Environmental Impact Assessment / Monitoring

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) / Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Directorate plays a major role in implementing the Pakistan Environment Protection Act (PEPA) -1997 specifically Section-12 and Review of IEE/EIA Regulations 2000. This Directorate comprises of two sections namely EIA/Monitoring And Environment Engineering And Technology Transfer. All developmental projects from public and private sector that fall under any of the Schedules of Regulations have to obtain environmental approval in respect of their projects. In addition to evaluation of reports issuance of environmental approvals or otherwise, the  EIA/Monitoring Section also conducts post environmental approval monitoring to ascertain the compliance status of the Environment Management Plan (EMP).

The environmental monitoring team, which carries out the field activities, submits its report after ascertaining the ground situation and non-compliance by the proponents is liable to invite legal action by the Legal section.


Environmental Approvals of Projects in Capital Territory (2017 to onwoard)
Approved Approved
Rejected Rejected
Under Process Under Process