Campaign on the Ban on Single-Use Plastics, 2023

On 7th August 2023, and initiative took place to raise awareness among the public to address the detrimental impact of single-use plastics that ultimately led to the ban on single-use plastics effective from 1st August 2023. The campaign aimed towards public awareness raising, about the ban on such plastics, in Islamabad’s eateries. Guided by the campaign’s driving force, Dr. Waheed Yousuf, the team of Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took the lead. Single-use plastics plague the environment with complex issues which affect the environment adversely.

For an effective communication on the ban, several eye-catching environment-friendly banners were placed and displayed strategically, to impart the information effectively and fostering visual awareness. To spread the message, this tactic was coupled with posters affixed to various Desi eateries. The campaign was conducted in two sectors of Islamabad filled with eateries: the F-10 area and the Melody Food Park in the G-6 area.

The first sector visited was the F-10 area, where posters were pasted at different Desi eateries and banners were held by the interns near the main road, where the people passing by could easily observe and read the notice. The second sector visited was the G-6 area, particularly the Melody Food Park. There, banners were held, and the local people were informed of the hazards of using single-use plastics.

Communication is the key to spreading effective awareness. Thus, interactions were carried out with the locals while notifying them of the policy enforced. This campaign underscores the power of public engagement in tackling pressing environmental issues.