Senator Mushahidullah khan inaugurated the construction of boundary wall of proposed zoo cum botanical Garden in Bhara Kaho

Islamabad: Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Mushahidullah khan inaugurated the construction of boundary wall of proposed zoo cum botanical Garden in Bhara Kaho , Islamabad under the Zoological Survey of Pakistan which is a department under Ministry of Climate Change.

While addressing the guest at ceremony, Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Mushahidullah Khan said biodiversity is very important for our economic and social development and survival of human beings. There are many benefits attached to biodiversity at national level along international advantages. The protection of biodiversity must be first priority in the country like Pakistan where social and economic development because it can play an important role in elimination of poverty.

He further added that according to global biodiversity Out Look report reduction in our biodiversity is leading our nature towards destruction. In order to deal with climatic changes and keep balance in our natural environment, we need collective efforts. He further highlighted that Zoological survey of Pakistan is playing an active role besides its limited resources. The establishment of Botanical Garden in Islamabad is one also one of such initiatives. The increased construction activities in Islamabad are damaging its environment. The establishment of a Botanical garden comprising 725 acres will be a milestone in protecting our environment. He also informed the guests that it would be one of its own kind botanical garden about 15 kilometers in length. The plan of protecting this garden through boundary wall is initiated by government of Pakistan with the cost of ten crores. Which will be completed in two years. Next Year with the cost of two billions, PC-1 for different projects of environmental protection will be prepared.

He also informed that the guest that when human beings were sent into this world, he was welcomed with natural resources including lakes, mountains, rivers animals and plants as well. The developed nations in their process of industrial revolution did not realize that we are causing global warming. He also told the audience that Prophet Muhammad PBUH talked about climate change 14 years ago. We are increasing deforestation in our country. Tree helps to stop floods for 72 hours. He also said that many countries are using coal for energy production. India is
producing energy 40% from coal and China is producing 60% .We are living under glaciers of highest mountain ranges like Himalayas, Hindu Kush, Karakaram He further added this botanical garden would be very rare in the region. It will include all kind of animals’ plants species. The zoos, amusement parks, lakes, wetlands will be constructed in the botanical garden. He also informed that I have written letter to our foreign Office to take up matter of smog with India.

The event was attended by Ms. Romina Bashir Alam Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change, Ms. Farhana Qamar MNA , Senator Saleem Zia, senior officers of Ministry of Climate Change large number of people from different walk of life including, local community, media persons and civil society.