National Biosafety Committee approves Handout/Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for obtaining biosafety license for the import of GMOs for Food, Feed, Processing (FFP) purposes

The Pakistan Biosafety Rules 2005 and National Biosafety Guidelines outline a procedure for licensing of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and/or their products for purposes of laboratory manipulation work, field trials, and commercialization. Lately, however, the issue of import of GMOs for Food, Feed, and Processing (FFP) had underscored the need for improving procedure for obtaining biosafety license from National Biosafety Committee (NBC).

Thus, the Ministry of Climate Change/National Biosafety Committee (NBC), on recommendations of Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency/Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), has developed a Handout/Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) for obtaining license for import of GMOs for FFP through a consultative process. Copy of the SOPs can be downloaded /SiteImage/Misc/files/NBC/SOPs%20for%20import%20of%20GMOs%20for%20FFP.pdf.

The Handout/SOPs are developed to facilitate institutions/organizations etc. planning to import GMOs for FFP in obtaining a biosafety license.